FERRARI L. is a manufacturer with more than fifty year experience in the biomedical sector. The company is active in the production and supply of single-use medical devices since 1960, being one of the first Italian companies operating in this field.

High technological level, constant attention to innovation, quality and safety of the products as well as special dedication to customer’s service are the key strengths of FERRARI L. in the world.

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For the production of single-use medical devices, the company applies a fully integrated production process, from extrusion of tubings and moulding of components to automatic assembling and sterilization of the finished product.

Product design and development of new medical devices for specific applications are also available services.

The plant has a dedicated section to develop new moulds, equipment and robots for automatic assembling and ordinary maintenance.

Two clean rooms are dedicated to the automatic assembling of unfinished products while a third clean room is equipped for the final assembling and packaging of the finished products.


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